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Construction Towing on 30k Pounds of Sand

Construction Towing Team Assists Fractured Sandbox Trailer

Tough jobs require expert construction towing experience and equipment. Mission Wrecker answers the call every time with the know-how needed to get your load rolling again. Our trusted construction towing team demonstrated their skills recently when a sandbox trailer broke almost completely in half. With a quick response, certified professionals on staff, and the necessary heavy-duty towing tools, Mission Wrecker handled the situation with ease.

While en route to its destination, a loaded sandbox trailer broke in half. Under the 30,000lbs cargo, the trailer proved no match for the weight. With the trailer compromised, the driver determined the journey to be unsafe and required assistance from a competent construction towing team. Fortunately, Mission Wrecker offers 24 hour emergency towing assistance.

Our construction towing team found the split truck and trailer on County Road 310 and Farm to Market 627 in Ecleto, Texas. With the freight situated on the front half of the trailer, the massive weight caused the trailer to fracture and lift the trailer’s back wheels off the ground. Despite the challenging nature of the job, our construction towing expertise proved helpful.

After a quick assessment of the scene, Mission Wrecker got to work. First, the construction towing team attached straps and cables to the truck’s sandbox, using a heavy wrecker to lift the enormous load off the cracked trailer. With the cargo set on an operable trailer, they then focused their attention on the crumpled trailer. The team placed the ruined trailer on a Landoll trailer with finesse and later towed it to Pleasanton, Texas for repair.

Frame damage
Sanbox before construction towing
Sandbox before construction towing
Heavy wrecker supporting sandbox
Heavy wrecker supporting sandbox
Our heavy wrecker doing its best during construction towing
Our heavy wrecker doing its best during construction towing

Details of Construction Towing of Sandbox

Mission Wrecker’s construction towing team recently received a call for a broken sandbox trailer. While transporting 30,000lbs, the load’s weight caused the trailer to split, thereby lifting the back wheels of the trailer off the ground. The truck’s driver determined the conditions unsafe and immediately called the Mission Wrecker construction towing team for help. The construction towing team responded quickly, arriving on scene at CR 310 and FM 627 in Ecleto, Texas as quickly as possible. After a quick assessment, our construction towing team got to work. First, the construction towing team attached straps and cables to the freight. Then the construction towing team utilized assistance from a heavy wrecker to lift the load off the compromised trailer. The construction towing team set this load on a fresh trailer before turning their attention to the broken trailer. With the help of our heavy-duty towing equipment and tools, the cracked trailer was loaded onto a Landoll trailer. Once all pieces of the truck had been attended to, our construction towing team towed the freight and trailer to Pleasanton, Texas. Thanks to the trusted skills of our construction towing team, Mission Wrecker completed another construction towing job successfully.

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