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Heavy Tow Service Lends $60,000 Corvette a Set of Wheels

Heavy Tow Service Hauls $60,000 Corvette

Even the most luxurious and swankiest of cars can encounter technical difficulties and require a heavy tow service. This is exactly what happened when a $60,000 Corvette stuttered to a stop after the starter went out. With only 5000 miles on the meter, the 800 horsepower vehicle needed a tow back to the car dealership where it was still under warranty. 

Mission Wrecker sent out their heavy tow service team to handle the delicate Corvette rescue. Upon arrival they took their time to assess the situation, being careful that they didn’t cause any further damage. With rear wheel drive, the front end of the car was so low the team couldn’t even fit a hand underneath it! A decision was made to use manual dollies for transport rather than a flatbed. The team lifted the car to connect the manual dollies on the front end, and then connected to the steer axle to lift and finally tow the car. The Corvette was able to be transported to the dealership safely and successfully for repair. 

News came the following day that the vehicle needed transporting to another dealer. Due to their professional manner and helpful demeanour, the dealership requested (insisted if we were being honest) that the same team would move the Corvette to the new dealership.  Making a good impression whilst getting the job done safely and efficiently is an important factor to any rescue mission for our heavy tow service!  Great job team! You did everyone proud today!


Front View of Heavy Duty Tow of Corvette Heavy Duty Tow Corvette Rear View Heavy Duty Towing Corvette

Details of Heavy Tow Service Hauls a $60,000 Corvette

The heavy tow service received a call about a broken down Corvette. The heavy tow service dispatched with a truck. The heavy tow service arrived at the scene and assessed the situation. The heavy tow service was careful not to cause any further damage to the expensive Corvette. The heavy tow service connected the truck to the rear end of the Corvette. The heavy tow service lifted the Corvette. The heavy tow service connected manual dollies to the front end of the car. The heavy tow service connected the truck to the steer axle to lift the vehicle for transport. The heavy tow service ensured clearance all the way around the vehicle. The heavy tow service transported the Corvette to the dealership. The heavy tow service was needed for another transport the following day to another dealership. The dealership specifically requested the same team bring the Corvette to the other dealership as they were so impressed with their work the previous day.


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