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Wrecker Service Haul 18 Wheeler Rotting from the Inside Out

Eggplants on the Menu for Wrecker Service Crew

Just when they thought they heard it all, Mission Wrecker’s wrecker service team was called out all the way to Austin, Texas, to help tow a truck filled with rotting eggplants. 

The truck in question had rolled over while on the road in Austin and was classified as a total loss by their insurance company. No one thought to save the innocent eggplants in the trailer and they slowly started to rot. While the insurance company managed to get the trailer to an impound lot, they were at a loss of what to do with thousands of pounds of rotting produce. The situation got so bad that they called in a hazmat team! 

The hazmat team knew that they needed the best in the field working on this problem. One wrong move and a truck full of pungent rotting eggplants could be all over a highway. They contacted the Mission Wrecker team who made the journey to Austin, Texas. Armed with their tractor, a heavy wrecker, and a Landoll, the wrecker service team was ready for any scenario.

This was not their first rodeo. The wrecker service team chose to tow the truck in the early hours of the morning as they knew how precarious of a job this was. If anything went wrong, they wouldn’t have much company on the road.

The trailer had sustained major damage and the integrity of it’s floor was compromised. The team fashioned a new subframe for it out of chains and straps, ensuring that the trailer wouldn’t sag any further. They then used their own tractor and attached the trailer to it. The 10 mile drive took longer than one would expect and it was quite a sight to behold: a wrecked trailer oozing eggplant juice going 15 miles per hour on the access road followed by a heavy wrecker and a Landoll.

The team at the dump was waiting for them. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending for this trailer. It would be pushed into a massive hole and covered. Perhaps there will be some eggplants growing there next year!

This was not an easy job. Between the awful smell and the terrible state the trailer was in, the wrecker service team did a fantastic job getting this trailer to its final resting place!



Details of Wrecker Service Haul 18 Wheeler Rotting from the Inside Out

The wrecker service team was dispatched to Austin from San Antonio to move a trailer from an impound lot to a dump. The wrecker service team left for Austin. Once the wrecker service team arrived in Austin, they drove to the impound lot. The wrecker service team hauled the trailer out of the impound lot into a nearby parking lot.

The wrecker service team left the trailer in the parking lot overnight as the dump was already closed. The wrecker service team started working at 4AM the next day. The wrecker service team cross chained the floor and put straps over the top of the trailer. The wrecker service team backed their tractor underneath the trailer. The wrecker service team hooked onto the trailer. The wrecker service team had a Landoll and a wrecker on standby.

The wrecker service team drove 10 miles to the dump. The wrecker service team drove at 15 miles/hour on the access road. The wrecker service team arrived at the dump. The wrecker service team unhooked the trailer. 


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