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Author: Amanda Chiarappa


Training with the SAFD

Towing Company Trains with First Responders in San Antonio  San Antonio towing company, Mission Wrecker, knows the importance of working with their peers and first responders, especially during emergency situations. Since 1970, they have been serving the Converse and San Antonio, TX communities with their trusted roadside services.  The towing company has been involved with many accident scenes throughout their 32 years in service, and have worked closely with San Antonio’s first responders. The towing company understands that cross training

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Heavy Recovery

Heavy Recovery of 18-Wheeler

Heavy Recovery of 18-Wheeler Dangling Off Interstate 35 Over the years, Mission Wrecker has assisted in the heavy recovery of various big rigs in and around San Antonio. With years of experience, they have seen it all! However, a recent job off of Interstate 35 was one that the entire crew will surely remember for years to come! The experienced heavy recovery crew received a call regarding an 18-wheeler that was hanging off an overpass on the southbound I-35 at

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Towing Company

Towing Company Career Day Success

Towing Company Makes Waves at School’s Career Day Think back to your elementary school days – what did you want to be when you grew up? Was it a teacher, a doctor, or a tow truck driver? Chances are you were inspired by the different jobs around you; and you may have even drawn inspiration from your school’s Career Day!  Knowing the importance of inspiring children in their community, Mission Wrecker Towing Company was extremely excited to be a part

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Load Shift Corrections

Load Shift on I-10 San Antonio

Load Shift Causes I-10 Rollover in San Antonio Load shifts are one of the leading causes of truck rollovers in the United States. This seems to be the case for an accident on the I-10. A truck in San Antonio carrying 35,000 lb of cargo filled with boxes of auto parts suddenly rolled over, causing irreparable damage to both the cab and the trailer. The load shift team arrived at the scene promptly after receiving a call from a concerned customer

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Emergency Towing

Accident Towing After MASSIVE Crash

Accident Towing Team Responds After HUGE Crash Mission Wrecker’s accident towing team was called out to the scene of a massive accident on February 16, 2022. The call came in a little after 10:30 PM and a team was immediately dispatched to Mainland Drive near Burns Crossing. Tow truck drivers see it all. You never know what a day will bring. That being said, even our experienced emergency response team were shocked at the state of the wreckage. A pick-up

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RV Towing

RV Towing on Highway 130

RV Towing Team Helps Trapped Elderly Couple Mission Wrecker’s RV Towing team came to the assistance of an elderly couple in Seguin, Texas. The couple was driving down Highway 130 in their RV when they suddenly blew a tire! With no time to react, the couple was helpless as the RV careened off the road and into a ditch. Unfortunately, due to the angle that the RV ended up in, the door could not be open! The couple could not

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