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Heavy Recovery of 18-Wheeler

Heavy Recovery of 18-Wheeler Dangling Off Interstate 35

Over the years, Mission Wrecker has assisted in the heavy recovery of various big rigs in and around San Antonio. With years of experience, they have seen it all! However, a recent job off of Interstate 35 was one that the entire crew will surely remember for years to come!

The experienced heavy recovery crew received a call regarding an 18-wheeler that was hanging off an overpass on the southbound I-35 at New Laredo Highway, near the Loop 410 Interchange. An early morning crash before 3 a.m. resulted in the big rig dangling off the edge of the interstate!

Understanding the severity and the urgency of the situation, the team of five acted fast and safely lifted the trailer-tractor back onto the road with precision. They knew the importance of working with accuracy and expertise, as the rear axles of the trailer were the only thing keeping the 18-wheeler from falling off the overpass. 

Thankfully, the recovery was a success. The big rig was expertly pulled back onto the bridge and Interstate 35 on the Southwest Side was partially reopened on Monday morning. Congratulations to the Mission Wrecker team on an impressive job well done!

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Details of Heavy Recovery of 18-Wheeler Dangling Off Interstate 35

Mission Wrecker recently assisted with a heavy recovery off Interstate 35 in San Antonio, TX. The crash was reported on an early Monday morning before 3 a.m. and resulted in a big rig hanging off an overpass.

The location of the heavy recovery was southbound I-35 at New Laredo Highway, near the loop 410 Interchange. The Mission Wrecker heavy recovery crew learned that the accident had left an 18-wheeler dangling off of the interstate. 

The heavy recovery commenced with the Mission Wrecker crew pumping the fuel tanks of the truck and cleaning up debris from the lower level of the bridge. Then they cut the guard rail out from under the truck in order to safely lift it back onto the upper level of the bridge. 

After removing the guard rail, they lifted the empty tractor-trailer back onto the bridge. Using the rotator for the lift and the 50 ton Jerr-Dan to pull the trailer back, the heavy recovery team were able to stabilize the side wall of the trailer. This ensured that the big rig would not continue to go over the bridge because the rear axles of the trailer were the only thing keeping it from rolling over the overpass. 

Upon moving the tractor-trailer back onto the bridge, the San Antonio heavy recovery crew separated the tractor from the trailer and lifted the demolished tractor onto the Landoll trailer to be towed away. To finish the heavy recovery, they lifted the axles from the lower level back up to the bridge deck to load onto the Landoll with other debris. 

The heavy recovery team included a rotator operator/HD supervisor, 50 ton operator, landoll operator, and fuel recovery trailer operator. 

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