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RV Towing on Highway 130

RV Towing Team Helps Trapped Elderly Couple

Mission Wrecker’s RV Towing team came to the assistance of an elderly couple in Seguin, Texas. The couple was driving down Highway 130 in their RV when they suddenly blew a tire! With no time to react, the couple was helpless as the RV careened off the road and into a ditch.

Unfortunately, due to the angle that the RV ended up in, the door could not be open! The couple could not get out of the RV until the towing team arrived. Thankfully the vehicle was still running and they were able to wait in the comfort of air conditioning!

When the RV towing team arrived on scene, the first thing they did was help the couple get out of their motorhome! With the couple free, the team set their sights on recovering the RV. A quick assessment by an experienced tow truck operator is all it takes to spot red flags.

The team noted two obstacles that would make the recovery difficult without backup:

  1. The incline of the ditch was very steep.
  2. The RV was a newer model. Newer models of RVs tend to be made with fiberglass and have little exposed areas or strong points of contact to hook onto.

Should the RV towing team attempt to pull the RV out without help, they would most likely cause significant damage to the vehicle. A quick phone call later and a rotator arrived on scene to help recover the vehicle.

The rotator would lift and stabilize the back end of the RV while the heavy wrecker would slowly pull it back onto the road. The team took their time, constantly adjusting their positions and the straps to ensure that no damage was made to the RV.

The couple happened to be towing their vehicle behind the RV. Luckily, it was not damaged and they were able to drive it to a local hotel. With the couple safely off the shoulder of the highway, the RV towing team brought the RV to a local repair shop. With only minor front end damage, the couple would be on the road again in no time!

Great work out there team! You did a great job assessing the situation and taking the proper precautions to avoid damaging the RV.



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Details of RV Towing Team Helps Trapped Elderly Couple

Mission Wrecker’s RV towing team was dispatched to the aid of a couple in Seguin, Texas. The RV towing team was dispatched from 4535 Farm to Market 1516, Converse, TX 78109, United States.

Once the RV towing arrived at the accident site, they assessed the situation. The RV towing team noted that they would need both a heavy wrecker and a rotator to safely complete the job. The first team on site helped the couple out of the RV while they waited for the rotator team to arrive. 

When the rotator arrived, the team could commence the RV towing operation. Using a spreader beam, the RV tow truck service lifted the rear end of the RV. The rotator operator kept the RV stabil as the heavy wrecker team slowly began to winch the RV out of the ditch. The RV towing company towed the RV to a nearby repair facility. 


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