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Know Your Way Around A Tow Truck

How Our Houston Tow Truck Fleet Works

Customers reach out to us for our Houston towing services for various reasons. Often, these are due to accidents, but sometimes, there’s a need to remove a vehicle from their property. Whatever the reason, needing a tow truck is likely to be an uncommon event for most drivers.

No wonder few know what kinds of trucks or equipment we use to get their vehicles safely from A to B. Here are some insights into the equipment that guarantees your vehicle’s secure and careful handling from the moment we pick it up until we drop it off.

Flatbed towing Houston

Tow Trucks: The Heart of Our Operation 

Our fleet includes a wide range of tow trucks, each designed for specific towing tasks and vehicle types. We’ll demonstrate their capabilities, showing the meticulous care and precision with which we handle every vehicle. This variety ensures that our team is ready for any need and underscores our commitment to treating every vehicle with utmost care.

Flatbed Tow Trucks: Real Multi-Talents

A key component of our fleet, the flatbed tow truck, is a truly versatile and safe option. It has a large, flat platform that fits vehicles of any size. An operator winches vehicles onto its platform and securely fastened the cars or motorcycles for the journey. This approach is particularly gentle, avoiding damage to your vehicle’s tires or drivetrain.

Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks: Ideal for Tight Spaces

In scenarios where space is at a premium, wheel-lift tow trucks prove invaluable. They lift the vehicle by its tires, leaving the other wheels on the ground. This method is perfect for short distances or navigating tight areas where a flatbed isn’t suitable.

Heavy-Duty Tow Trucks: For the Heaviest Loads

Our heavy-duty tow trucks are tasked with towing larger vehicles like buses, semi-trucks, or RVs. They can manage heavy weights and large sizes and come equipped with powerful winches and booms. Specialized lifting and securing features ensure the safe towing of even the biggest vehicles.

Our Equipment Toolbox

Our operations rely on more than just trucks; various equipment is essential for safe and effective towing.

Winches: The Heavy Lifters

The winch is at the heart of our operations, pulling vehicles onto the tow truck or rescuing them from tricky spots. This crucial tool ensures vehicles are safely recovered under any circumstances.

Dollies and Skates: For Challenging Situations

When standard towing isn’t an option, dollies and skates come to the rescue. Dollies can lift and move a vehicle without its wheels turning, and skates allow us to slide vehicles smoothly for easier loading.

Prioritizing Safety: Essential Equipment

Safety is our top priority for our team, your vehicle, and the public. Our tow trucks carry emergency lights, reflective markings, and securement straps to ensure every towing operation is safe and visible.

heavy towing Houston

Our Houston Tow Truck Fleet at Your Service

Knowing how our tow trucks operate can be reassuring during tense times after your vehicle has broken down. Or you may just be curious about how we’re getting the towing job done. Whether it’s an uncomplicated tow or a more complex vehicle rescue, our Mission Wrecker fleet of specialized tow trucks in Houston, TX, along with our skilled team, is prepared to provide the help you need.

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